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After sometime the GPRS of Indosat seems to be dead, it has been coming back since the 3g free internet connection hole been patched. It has been about a year that the gprs in Sambas doesn’t function at normally it should be.

Praise to God for this to happen and then we in Sambas City can take some advantage of this cheap internet connection in between the two of Telkomsel and XL which still be the royal one. By this come to active again, the concentration will be on using this service back like the first time I use it before. I really miss this Indosat grps connection specifically the IM3, but not the Mentari.

Phreaking then be one step ahead, and I did it sucessfully. More people like me who use the free connection by phreaking will trigger the server to be overload, but in other case not many people know this. So, just to be sure it will last longer it should not be publicly spoken, just keep it secretly. Although you may also find this tricks on many other blog instead. As I always say, I don’t have the authority to tell this information on public.

Telkomsel will rarely be used if IM3 is working well on the gprs service. But, it is not always on the way, it sometimes has some trouble and therefore no more connection available. At that time, the Telkomsel will be an alternative to have an internet connection smoothly run. We don’t have another choice of a cheap internet connection except these: 1. IM3 (Indosat). 2. Telkomsel, and the last number 3 is XL (the most expensive one).

If only XL could low their price to Rp. 1,- / KB, there will be more cheap internet connection in our city, Sambas. Even Speedy that has come in a couple of months previously, it does not coverage even an entire city of Sambas. Only some people with some amount of money have this Speedy connection. So, when will internet be on every house of Sambasian people? Don’t have any clue!

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