I-sat Internet Free Connection

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I have just told you in my previous post that the Indosat patched its internet free connection hole on the 3g connection base. Indeed this is not 100% patched. But because this is securely kept secret for this trick to be last for quite sometime, I don’t have the right to publicly speaking this material.

Instead you can Google it for yourself by using some keywords I have provided before in my previous posting about this kinda news, just try it. You should find any website like Cyberphreaking which has this kind of trick discussed in a more publicly way that you can share the step by step guide on how to make this Free Connection happen.

The connection as a new successor of the previous one is slower than a snail (in my opinion), it is could be on the server load at the same time very high and full of users online. Therefore, if you wanna get the faster one, try to look at the proxy server will you use and pick up the rarely used by the users who login at the moment.

In more advance setting, try to now showing any kind of media should the webmasters use on the websites you’re browsing on such as the pictures and flash video plugins. This little tip works fine on my Opera, but it should also work on any browser. And if you find you connection slower and slower, try to check once again the server you’re on after you have been connected.

Wish you find your way!

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