Music On My Harddisk

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For now I just have had my hard disk full of music from many kinds. I have Indonesian songs, Indian, Malaysian, Western (English), Chineese, Japan, Korean, and some France.

But my favourite just four main songs of languages: Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, and English songs. For Indonesian I've got: Peterpan, Ebiet G. Ade, Ari Lasso, Anggun, Chrisye, Dewa, Gigi, Iwan Fals, Letto, Matta, Nidji, Project Pop, Radja, Sheila On 7, Tipe-X, Ungu, and many more.

Now, we come to my Malaysian collection songs, there are: Slam, Senario (my favourite), Din Beramboi (not really a song), Siti Nurhaliza, UK's, Iklim, Exist, Raihan, and many other artists which basically the old one.

Indian songs come with variety of the films. I love the film dated back from 2005 but love more disco music one. My collection by Indian category are: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (all songs), Kaho Na Pyaar Hai (all songs), Baadshah (all songs), Dhoom (all songs), Dil to Pagal Hai (all songs), Dulhan Hum Le Jayengge (all songs), Duplicate (some of), Fiza (some of), Jaanam Samja Karo (some of), Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Hum (all songs), Mann (all songs), Mohabbatain (some of), Mujhse Shadi Karogi (all songs), Phirbhi Dil Hai Hindustani (all songs), and some from the other artists such as Kay Kay.

The werstern song is only my favourite part of the collection, here I have: A1 (first album), Back Street Boys (some of), Celine Dion, Crazy Frog (first album compilation), Lean Rymes, Vengaboys, Westlife, and many more.

All of the collleciton above are on my hard disk. I want them to be uploaded but I don't have a place for it on the net. If the songs uploaded the format will be on .rm audio and kinda preview only. Why? As I said before, I don't want to do I piracy action. This preview only means you can listen to the minimalize file bitrate so you have a sample to buy the original version of the album and this means you support the artist. Furthur why? It's for the artist to continue their works. If you hate your work pirated, so don't pirate others.

Thank you for reading, best luck!

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My Music Collection

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I use my dish (parabolic antenna) to grabb for the latest album or song which downloaded by iinternet users from around the country. I don't have to pay for any song I download (offline download activity) because I don't use any internet connection to run the action.

Many songs from many countries are downloaded everywhere through the internet, no matter it was illegal or legally practiced by the users itself. But, using the software so called SkyNet and SkyGrabber, the activity became legally noticed. More about Grabbing, you can visit my other blog at and enjoy more on that field.

All I want to show you here is that a song from my collection link I have search through entire web space and my downloaded songs will be here posted by preview only (I use .rm audio format), so you can listen to it for yourself and I suggest you buy the original after listening to what I've given you one as a preview.

It is a little bit like try before you buy and I don't suggest on violating the copyright law of any countries by transferring any digital content fully as such.

See you in the next post on more music collection to come. Just wait! Best luck...!

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GSM Internet Connection

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After sometime the GPRS of Indosat seems to be dead, it has been coming back since the 3g free internet connection hole been patched. It has been about a year that the gprs in Sambas doesn’t function at normally it should be.

Praise to God for this to happen and then we in Sambas City can take some advantage of this cheap internet connection in between the two of Telkomsel and XL which still be the royal one. By this come to active again, the concentration will be on using this service back like the first time I use it before. I really miss this Indosat grps connection specifically the IM3, but not the Mentari.

Phreaking then be one step ahead, and I did it sucessfully. More people like me who use the free connection by phreaking will trigger the server to be overload, but in other case not many people know this. So, just to be sure it will last longer it should not be publicly spoken, just keep it secretly. Although you may also find this tricks on many other blog instead. As I always say, I don’t have the authority to tell this information on public.

Telkomsel will rarely be used if IM3 is working well on the gprs service. But, it is not always on the way, it sometimes has some trouble and therefore no more connection available. At that time, the Telkomsel will be an alternative to have an internet connection smoothly run. We don’t have another choice of a cheap internet connection except these: 1. IM3 (Indosat). 2. Telkomsel, and the last number 3 is XL (the most expensive one).

If only XL could low their price to Rp. 1,- / KB, there will be more cheap internet connection in our city, Sambas. Even Speedy that has come in a couple of months previously, it does not coverage even an entire city of Sambas. Only some people with some amount of money have this Speedy connection. So, when will internet be on every house of Sambasian people? Don’t have any clue!

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I-sat Internet Free Connection

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I have just told you in my previous post that the Indosat patched its internet free connection hole on the 3g connection base. Indeed this is not 100% patched. But because this is securely kept secret for this trick to be last for quite sometime, I don’t have the right to publicly speaking this material.

Instead you can Google it for yourself by using some keywords I have provided before in my previous posting about this kinda news, just try it. You should find any website like Cyberphreaking which has this kind of trick discussed in a more publicly way that you can share the step by step guide on how to make this Free Connection happen.

The connection as a new successor of the previous one is slower than a snail (in my opinion), it is could be on the server load at the same time very high and full of users online. Therefore, if you wanna get the faster one, try to look at the proxy server will you use and pick up the rarely used by the users who login at the moment.

In more advance setting, try to now showing any kind of media should the webmasters use on the websites you’re browsing on such as the pictures and flash video plugins. This little tip works fine on my Opera, but it should also work on any browser. And if you find you connection slower and slower, try to check once again the server you’re on after you have been connected.

Wish you find your way!

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If you one of the satellite freak, I think you have always hear this kind of Internet free download activity. We call it grabbing or should I say "One Way Connection" instead?

What you need to have first in hand is a set of parabolic antenna. Then you need to have a DVB-Card (I use SS2 or officially called SkyStar 2 from Technisat). This two kind of tools is the main key to have this One Way connection.

And last but not least, surely you have to use your PC for this (in some other way, you could also use a receiver box so called dreambox). There you have these tools, but still you need one thing. As a matter of using your PC,then you also need the software.

Many softwares are available in the "market", hehe... Ofcourse, if you wanna use "SkyGrabber" then you have to buy it to fully function all the grabbing process they offer. But, incase you don't have enough money to buy it, there a lot more people spread the spirit of "Cracking Arst Materials" (the cracked softwares) on the underground webs. So don't be sad for having little money in your pocket, but if you have much please support the programmer buy officially buy it. I don't suggest you to have and use any illegal materials.

So, so far you have all these things to get into actions. But, I wanna make sure you get the best. Using the Free Softwares is also possible and in some cases even more powerful than using the paid ones. Try SkyNet instead of SkyGrabber. Some other progams can be used to grabb file from the satellite are Turbo Grabber and FileGrabber (rarely seen used by users in many forums). But still the famous are SkyNet and SkyGrabber.

Ok, not to make this article too long to read, we'll discuss more on this issue in the next posts, just make sure to keep checking this simple diary of mine. See you next time!

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After long being able to be phreaked by their users, the Indosat free internet trick now is gone. It is following the previous Telkomsel 3G free internet which were also free by some tricks. Although the Telkomsel seems to be still free for some users (the rumors on some blogs and forums).

Speaking about free internet on GSM cellular network, it is still possible to phreak both Indosat and Telkomsel, and even the XL operator using its “Bebas” card. In the mean time, the Axis still has not been patched by the operator (again still in the rumors on some forums and blogs). But if you want to know more on the technical items, just try “googling” by some keywords just like: Internet Gratis, Internet Gratisan, Gratis Ngenet, GPRS Gratis, and many more upon your creativity.

In my experience, I’had just tried using the Indosat trick and it’s 99,99 % free the day before it’s patched. I used about 900 KB of data (in and out), but the cost was just Rp.2,- and the connection is purely slow if you don’t do anything on the behaviour of your browsing using this kinda internet connection.

The XL one has not been tried working ever since, but some of my friends says it was working. Still the trick of XL free internet connection is out of my reach. Out of the three operators, in the rumors, many friends of mine say it is still free using this connection but unfortunately, we don’t have this operator in our area, that is Axis. Therefore, we still struggle to find another holes on the Indosat and XL, but not Telkomsel (it’s really hard to phreak, I don’t know why).

If you want some tricks, Google for them, it’s many written out there. Good luck and wish you find the working one!

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Hello and Welcome

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Hi, this is my first blog that entirely will be in English and trying to serve the information all in English. I wish by blogging in this manner I will find new friends with great enthusiast in Learning English through this way.

Because I love this language since I was studying at Secondary Shool or Primary High School for sure, therefore I'd like to dedicate sometime of my life to share anything that still has connected with English as a whole.

Don't hesitate yourself to post any comments on this blog, do it freely and wish you love it. I actually still learning this language, even I have left my study at the University of Tanjungpura or at FKIP exactly for about four years ago. Eventually, my English is not that good, therefore I also need your help to guide me on the way to be a fluent English speaker.

Share the passion on making the life easier and happy.  As long as it is for good, share the knowledge here.

Thank you!

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