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Hi, this is my first blog that entirely will be in English and trying to serve the information all in English. I wish by blogging in this manner I will find new friends with great enthusiast in Learning English through this way.

Because I love this language since I was studying at Secondary Shool or Primary High School for sure, therefore I'd like to dedicate sometime of my life to share anything that still has connected with English as a whole.

Don't hesitate yourself to post any comments on this blog, do it freely and wish you love it. I actually still learning this language, even I have left my study at the University of Tanjungpura or at FKIP exactly for about four years ago. Eventually, my English is not that good, therefore I also need your help to guide me on the way to be a fluent English speaker.

Share the passion on making the life easier and happy.  As long as it is for good, share the knowledge here.

Thank you!

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