After long being able to be phreaked by their users, the Indosat free internet trick now is gone. It is following the previous Telkomsel 3G free internet which were also free by some tricks. Although the Telkomsel seems to be still free for some users (the rumors on some blogs and forums).

Speaking about free internet on GSM cellular network, it is still possible to phreak both Indosat and Telkomsel, and even the XL operator using its “Bebas” card. In the mean time, the Axis still has not been patched by the operator (again still in the rumors on some forums and blogs). But if you want to know more on the technical items, just try “googling” by some keywords just like: Internet Gratis, Internet Gratisan, Gratis Ngenet, GPRS Gratis, and many more upon your creativity.

In my experience, I’had just tried using the Indosat trick and it’s 99,99 % free the day before it’s patched. I used about 900 KB of data (in and out), but the cost was just Rp.2,- and the connection is purely slow if you don’t do anything on the behaviour of your browsing using this kinda internet connection.

The XL one has not been tried working ever since, but some of my friends says it was working. Still the trick of XL free internet connection is out of my reach. Out of the three operators, in the rumors, many friends of mine say it is still free using this connection but unfortunately, we don’t have this operator in our area, that is Axis. Therefore, we still struggle to find another holes on the Indosat and XL, but not Telkomsel (it’s really hard to phreak, I don’t know why).

If you want some tricks, Google for them, it’s many written out there. Good luck and wish you find the working one!

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