If you one of the satellite freak, I think you have always hear this kind of Internet free download activity. We call it grabbing or should I say "One Way Connection" instead?

What you need to have first in hand is a set of parabolic antenna. Then you need to have a DVB-Card (I use SS2 or officially called SkyStar 2 from Technisat). This two kind of tools is the main key to have this One Way connection.

And last but not least, surely you have to use your PC for this (in some other way, you could also use a receiver box so called dreambox). There you have these tools, but still you need one thing. As a matter of using your PC,then you also need the software.

Many softwares are available in the "market", hehe... Ofcourse, if you wanna use "SkyGrabber" then you have to buy it to fully function all the grabbing process they offer. But, incase you don't have enough money to buy it, there a lot more people spread the spirit of "Cracking Arst Materials" (the cracked softwares) on the underground webs. So don't be sad for having little money in your pocket, but if you have much please support the programmer buy officially buy it. I don't suggest you to have and use any illegal materials.

So, so far you have all these things to get into actions. But, I wanna make sure you get the best. Using the Free Softwares is also possible and in some cases even more powerful than using the paid ones. Try SkyNet instead of SkyGrabber. Some other progams can be used to grabb file from the satellite are Turbo Grabber and FileGrabber (rarely seen used by users in many forums). But still the famous are SkyNet and SkyGrabber.

Ok, not to make this article too long to read, we'll discuss more on this issue in the next posts, just make sure to keep checking this simple diary of mine. See you next time!

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